Your favourite pub, no doubt

Step into our enchanting Irish haven, nestled in the lively heart of De Pijp, where tradition and modern allure intertwine for an extraordinary experience. Your journey begins with the allure of the perfect Guinness, awakening your senses to a world of traditional breakfast, delightful lunches, and the essence of burgers and snacks. Engage in a friendly game of pool, rally behind your cherished football team, and lose yourself in the drama of live rugby tournaments—all set to the backdrop of soul-stirring music.

365 days a year, our doors swing open to embrace you in the warmth of an Irish welcome, offering not only a spirited crew but also a rich assortment of whiskies. As you explore the fusion of classic and contemporary cocktails, our expansive terrace, graced by 300 seats and adjacent to the Heineken Brewery, beckons for intimate rendezvous or convivial gatherings with colleagues and friends. Welcome home to an Irish embrace, where the ambience resonates with the harmony of tradition, sports, music, and the joy of shared moments. Cheers to creating memories and reveling in the magic of our home away from home!